When you go on holiday you want many things to happen, the security system to arm, the heating to reduce to minimum settings and the lights, curtains and radio to act as if you are at home.

If anything changes, it would be nice to get a text message or an e-mail. Maybe that message will include a picture of what has just happened if the alarm has detected movement.

It’s peace of mind, whether you want to save electricity, make your home secure or water the tomatoes when you’re on vacation.

A smart home can do all of this for you, and more.

SMARTHOUSE Home Automation connects all the technology in your home. A bespoke Smart Home System is the ultimate solution in convenience and luxury.

You have the ability to choose automation features based upon your desires, requirements and budget.
You can interact and control:

  • Audio: Multi-room distribution of all audio sources
  • Video: Multi-room distribution of all video sources
  • Internet Devices including Apple TV, Spotify, Internet Radio, Facebook, Twitter & more
  • Home Cinema: Individual entertainment rooms or individual viewing/living areas
  • Lighting: Automated mood lighting in one room or entire home
  • Curtains & Blinds: As stand-alone system or integrated throughout the entire home
  • CCTV & Security
  • Telephone & Intercom: As individual system or integrated into your smart home
  • Doors, Entryways & Gates
  • Climate Control: Single room or multi-room temperature & humidity control from anywhere in your home

SMARTHOUSE home automation may be installed in new construction or retrofitted into existing homes. Wireless options are available.

Luxury, comfort and efficiency is our goal. All at your fingertips… simultaneously and effortlessly.

If you’d like to find out more about what SMARTHOUSE can do for you, go ahead and complete the form at the right. We’ll email you our special report, Your Decision Guide: 7 Questions Every Homeowner Asks About Home Automation.

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