Light Control

Automated Lighting


Just the right lighting adds to everything in the home. The right lighting creates just the ambiance mood for any activity.

  • Create a romantic dinner when it’s just the two of you
  • Turn on, off, raise or dim all the lights in one room or throughout the house with a single remote control
  • Automatically turn off all the lights as you set the security system when you leave your home to save time and money on electricity
  • Be able to control lighting from your mobile

By integrating home lighting with the home automation system, automatically control your lights based on events that you define, such as slowly turning on the lights to awake the kids for school.

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Integrated Blinds & Curtains

Automated blinds & curtains are often integrated into Lighting Control, however they can be implemented as a standalone systems.

All windows and doors in your home can be shaded regardless of their size and accessibility, using a wide variety of blind and curtain systems.

These systems eliminate the need to walk from room to room opening and closing Blinds & Curtains. Control options range from your television screen, to handheld touch-panels, wall panels, remotes, iPad’s and smart phones.

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